The Furthest Distances I've Travelled Analysis

The Furthest Distances I've Travelled Analysis: Leontia Flynn writes about her travels as a student in this poem.

The poem looks at the journey she takes from being a freewheeling girl who just wants to travel and live life unknowingly, but then near to the end we see maturity hit her and a realization that its not where you travel that makes you who you are, but the people you meet.

The tone of the poem

The tone of the poem changes as we read further into it. We begin by getting this atmosphere of freedom and ‘restlessness’, showing that the speaker is excited for her journey. But as we get to the end of the poem she matures and this enthusiasm slowly fizzles out as she begins to think about how the ‘furthest distances’ that she has traveled, has been from the lives of others. There is a tone of maturity and her closing that carefree chapter of her life.


Identity: The speaker appears to be trying to find who she is throughout the poem by traveling and living in ‘anonymity’, she’s on a journey of discovering herself. And it is at the end that she realizes that what makes her who she is, isn’t the places she has been to, but rather the people she has met along the way. It is little ‘souvenirs’ from these people that bring her to a realization that these people are the ones who shape her as a person.

Journeying: Not only does the speaker make physical journeys and changes to her life, but she also makes a journey into realization. She travels from place to place from ‘routine evictions’ like a ‘stowaway’, and begins by thinking that ‘this is how to live’, however, her journey then becomes an emotional one rather than physical. She discovers that it is people who make her who she is.

The Furthest Distances I've Travelled Analysis

Past and present: The speaker begins as a student who just wants to travel and have fun, but as she grows older and steps into the present day, she matures and realizes the emotional journey she has embarked upon.


There is a personal touch throughout the poem due to the first-person references. The fact that the poet herself traveled during her student years makes us as readers feel that the poem is more meaningful and real.


The poem shows a free verse structure, to represent the freedom and lack of boundaries the speaker feels with her travelling. It could also show the lack of stability in her life, as free verse structures have no routine structure.

There is also a use of enjambment, the most prominent being in the split word ‘anonymity’, this could have been done to show that she is separate from her old life and everyone else. It is an unusual structure, like her unusual life.
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