I Like My Body When It Is With Your by E. E. Cummings

I Like My Body When It Is With Your Analysis: The poem “I Like My Body When It Is With Your” was written by Edward Estlin Cummings in the 1900s. This poem is a fourteen-line sonnet. A sonnet is a lyric poem that consists of 14 lines which usually have one or more conventional rhyme schemes.

This poem is a first-person poem with Cummings being the speaker and speaking to a woman. We can confidently identify the person to whom Cummings is speaking because of the sexual references he makes in the poem.

I Like My Body When It Is With Your

For example, on lines ten, eleven, and twelve, Cummings talks about rubbing his penis on his partner’s pubic hair and also talks about placing his penis in the vagina of the woman.

When Cummings wrote this poem he put the first twelve lines in a rigid and strict structure so that at the end of the poem, once the excitement was built up, he spaced out the last two lines to symbolize ejaculation.

On the most basic level, this poem is a very passionate description of love making. This poem contains two main central themes. It expresses a large amount of romantic love and a slight amount of realism.

But remember, romanticism and romantic love are two completely different things. Thus, it is very simple to see romantic love in the poem. As stated earlier, Cummings talks about sexual intercourse with his partner.

Realistically, this poem contains very simple and basic vocabulary and dialogue. For example, Cummings states “again and again and again.” This is obviously improper grammar in the English language but realistically, this might often be how a normal human being gets his idea across. Cummings uses this repetition to get his idea across and employs a lot more repetition throughout the poem to express his ideas and feelings.

For example, in the poem it states “I like” many times to express what he truly loves.

Besides the passionate description of lovemaking, this poem glorifies the human body by describing two human bodies together being intertwined.

We see this in almost every line of the poem. For example, directly in the title, it states, “I Like My Body When It Is With Your.” Even in the title, it shows this idea of human bodies being together. This idea shows the romantic love in the poem.

Even though a sonnet usually contains a rhyme scheme, this poem does not. It does contain two lines that rhyme but this has no effect on the meaning of the poem.

This poem is similar to other poems from this author because of the two themes that this poem contains. In a lot of other poems by Cummings, he uses these same themes that are this poem.

For example, in the poem “Who Knows If The Moon”, Cummings romantically describes leaving society and living somewhere wonderful.
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