Edgar Allan Poe Writing Style

Edgar Allan Poe Writing Style

This article is on Edgar Allan Poe who lives from 1809 to 1849.

Who is Edgar Allan Poe:

Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston the son of traveling actors. Before he was 3 his father deserted the family and his mother died. Poe was reluctantly adopted though not legally by John Allen because his wife wanted him to as she felt sorry for the orphan boy and had admired his mother who was a talented actress who died of consumption. 

Poe had a tumultuous relationship with John Allen who fluctuated between being too lenient and too strict. Poe had drinking drug and alcohol addictions which caused him problems throughout his adult life. 

They'll brilliant he flunked out of the University of Virginia and ended up leaving soon after starting to join the U.S. Army to pay off a gambling debt. He ended up leaving the army and then went to West Point where he was dismissed for purposely violating a series of Army Regulations. Cutting classes and disobeying orders to attend church. 

After publishing three books of poetry he was able to get hired as editor of several literary magazines where he published many of his short stories. 

Poe kept losing his jobs due to inappropriate behavior due to his addictions. He brought one novel called the narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. The three closest women in his life his mother his adopted mother and his young cousin and wife Virginia Clem whom he married when she was only 13 were all beautiful and died of consumption.

This seems to have influenced his creation of many of the young beautiful female characters in his poetry and short stories who all died and caused the male narrator to mourn their loss. 


After pose wife died he stopped drinking and became engaged to his childhood sweetheart and was on the way to Philadelphia for one of the most promising editing positions in his life. But he was tricked into drinking alcohol by some corrupt political henchmen who got him drunk and had him vote several times for a particular candidate. He was found drunk and unconscious in the gutter and died in the Hospital four days later.

Edgar Allan Poe Writing Style

The series of tragic disasters in post personal life have a definite impact on the dark and perverse style of his writing. In addition to losing both parents at a young age Poe's addictions caused him to lose jobs frequently and experience overwhelming periods of poverty. And he was often subjected to harsh literary criticism and even became the victim of untrue biographies designed to stain his personal reputation by an editor an anthologized he had mistaken as his friend named Rufus Griswold.

Poe suffered from depression probably stemming from his addictions and even tried to commit suicide unsuccessfully. Both Ralph Waldo Emerson and Mark Twain were critical of Poe's writing and Poe self was nicknamed the tomahawk man due to his own harsh criticism of other writers. Despite the sometimes negative criticism of his work. Poe has remained as one of the most popular American writers known for his haunting tales of horror and beautiful poetry inspired by disorder perversity and romantic emotion.

Poe is given credit as the inventor of the detective story and is one of the first modern American literary critics. His a famous essay The Philosophy of Composition says that a story should be short enough to be read in one sitting and every detail should contribute to a single unified effect. Unlike most writers of his time, Poe felt literature should not need to be didactic or teaching a moral but rather should be entertaining and should create beauty and intensity of emotion.
Edgar Allan Poe Writing Style.
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