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Gauhati University 1st Semester English Major Question Papers

Hello guys in this article, Ba English notes the website provides Gauhati University 1st Semester English Major Question Papers.

Gauhati University 1st Semester English Major Question Papers

Gauhati University 1st Semester English Major Question Papers 2014

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Paper 1.1
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer any ten of the following as directed :

(a) In which year the Norman Conquest took place?

(b) Renaissance humanism reacted against scholasticism. (State true/false)

(c) The legends surrounding Alexander the Great belong to —.
                                                                                                ( Fill in the blank)

(d) Who is the ‘morning star' of the Reformation?

(e) Who wrote Confessio Amantis?

(f) In which year Tottel' Miscellany was published?

(g) Who is the writer of Astrophel and Stella?

(h) Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy is modelled on ___________tragedy.

(i) To whom most of the sonnets of Shakespeare was Addressed to?

(j) What does the 'Matter of Britain' deal with?

(k) What is the first English tragedy?

(l) The Jacobean Age is named after_______.

2. Answer any five of the following questions: 2*5=10

(a) What is a Metaphysical conceit?

(b) Who has been allegorized as Faerie Queen in Spenser's epic, The Faerie Queene?

(c) Define ballad and give one example.

(d) What is the source of Milton‘s Paradise Lost?

(e) Write the name of the two Italian painters of the Renaissance period.

(h) What is the rhyme scheme of the Shakespearean sonnet?

3. Write short notes on any four of the following: 5*1=20

(a) Revenge tragedy
(b) Disguises
(c) Masques
(d) Jacobean playwrights

4. Answer any four of the following questions: 10x4=40

(a) Characterize Sir Gawain mad. the Green Knight as Medieval romance.

(b) Discuss the impact of the Renaissance on English literature.

(c) Assess the contribution of Chaucer, Gower, and Langland towards middle English literature.

(d) Write a note on Milton's prose work.

(e) Analyze the significance of the Norman Conquest in the context of Middle English literature and culture.

(f) Write a note on the characteristics of Shakespeare's tragedies.

(g) Comment on Donne's innovative use of the conceit in his poetry.


( Major )

Paper: 1.2
Full Marks: 80
Time : 3 hours

                                      The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

                                                                             Part 1

1. Answer the following as directed: 1*10=10

(a) What is the weather condition that the month of March has been associated with in Chaucer's The: Canterbury Tales?

(b) Name the collection of sonnets from which Spenser’s ‘What Guyle is 'This’ is extracted.

(c) who. do you think, us the person to whom the majority of Shakespeare's sonnets are addressed?

(d) Mention the source legend on which Marlowe's Dr. Faustus is based.

(e) With hym that was his______ a yang squier.
                                                                              ( Fill in the blank ]

(f) Mention Michael Drayton's year of birth.

(g) The Shakespearean sonnet consists of three________and a couplet.
                                                                                 [ Fill in the blank )

(h) What is the nationality of Othello in the play?

(i) What was Everyman summoned for by God?

(j) Identify the class of sonnet that Donne’s Thou Hast Made Me’ belongs to.

Part 2

2. Answer the following questions: 2*5=10

(a) What, in your opinion, is the immediate cause of Iago‘s grudge against Othello?

(b) Give the contextual meanings of 'Guilefull net' and 'Summer's honey breath'.

(c) Who is 'Lucasia' in Katherine Phthpa‘ Friendship’s Mystery, To My Dearest Lucasia?

(d) What is a morality play?

(e) How was the knight attired?

Part 3(A)

Explain, with reference to the context, any two of the following passages: 5*2=10

Then can I drown an eye, unused to flow,
For precious friends hid in death's dateless night,
And weep afresh love's long since cancelled woe,
And moan the expense of many a vanished sight:
But since you must needs depart.
And me hapless leave,
In your journey take my heart,
Which will not deceive.
Yours it is. to you it flies.
Joying in those loved eyes.
Ful worthy was he in his lordes werre,
And therto hadde he riden (no man ferre)
As wel in Cristendom as hethenesse,
And ever honoured for his worthinesse . 
Part 3(B) 

Explain. with reference to the context. any two of the following passages: 5*2=10

6. Philosophy is odious and obscure;
Both law and physic are for petty wits;
Divinity is basest of the three,
Unpleasant, harsh, contemptible, and vile:
'Tis magic, magic, that hath ravish'd me.

7.  Fair Nature's eye, rise. rise again, and make
Perpetual day; or let this hour be but
A year, a month, a week, a natural day,
That Faustus may repent and save his soul.

8. Faustus is gone. : regard his hellish fall,
Whose fiendful fortune may exhort the wise
Only to wonder at unlawful things.
Whose deepness doth Antioch such forward wits,
To practise more. than heavenly power permits.

Part 4(A)

Answer any two of the following questions: 10*2=20

9. Evaluate Donne as a poet of love and religion with reference to the poems you have studied.

10. Write a critical appreciation of Henry Howard's poem, The poem "The means to attain a happy life".

Part 4(B)

Answer any two of the following questions: 10*2=20

12. Write a note on the use of soliloquies in Othello.

13. Would you call Othello a domestic tragedy? Give a reasoned answer.

14. Discuss the themes of Dr Faustus.


Write a note on the role of the chorus in Dr. Faustus.


( Major )
Paper: 1.1
Full Marks: 80
Time : 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate fill marks for the questions

1. Answer any ten of the following as directed: 1XI0=10

(a) Name any one of Shakespeare’s long poems.

(b) What is the name of Marlowe's Jew of Malta?

(c) What is the Chaucerian seven-line stanza known as?

(d) What do you understand by Black Death? '

(e) Bacon defined his essays as an attempt on subject/dispersed meditations.
                                                                   ( Choose the correct answer )
(f) Milton’s Aeropagitioa is a treatise on educational reforms/freedom of the press.
                                                                   ( Choose the correct answer )

(g) Who is known to have said of Donne that he 'affects the metaphysics'?

(h) In England, the theatres were closed in________.
                                                                                ( Fill in the blank )
(i) The Royalists in the Age of Milton are called Cavaliers / Protestants.
                                                                    ( Choose the correct answer )

(i) Name one writer of the interlude.

(k) One of the most popular dramatists associated with the Comedy of Humours is _______.
                                                                              ( Fill in the blank )

(l) Chaucer’s Miller’s Tale is an example of a fabliau.
                                                                      ( State True or False )

(m) Name the sonnet sequence written by Spenser.

2. Answer any five of the following questions: 2X5=10

(a) Mention two differences between an ‘aside’ and a ‘soliloquy’.

(b) What is a metaphysical conceit? Illustrate with an example.

(c) Write two characteristics of romances classified by Bodel as ‘Matter of France’.

(d) What are miracle plays? Give an example.

(e) What function does ‘entries and exits’ play in a drama?

(f) Match Column—A with Column—B :

                         Column—A                                            Column—B

                         Ben Jonson                                             The White Devil

                        Thomas Dekker                                       A Woman Killed with Kindness

                        John Webster                                           The Alchemist

                        Thomas Heywood                                   The Shoemaker’s Holiday

3. Write short notes on any four of the following: 5x4=20

(a) Play within a play

(b) John Lyly

(c) Shakespearean Tragic Hero

(d) Andrew Marvell

(e) The Ballad in Medieval Literature

(f) The Owl and the Nightingale

(g) Caxton’s Printing Press

(h) Sir Philip Sidney’s Arcadia

4. Answer the following questions: 10X4=40

(a) Write a note on Middle English Literature with particular reference to the Fabliau and the Dream Allegory.
Indicate the importance of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in the history of English Literature.

(b) Write a note on the influence of the Renaissance on English Literature.
Write an essay on Elizabethan sonnets and sonneteers.

(c) Account for the popularity of the drama in the Elizabethan Age.
Write a note on the Jacobean playwrights with particular reference to Webster.

(d) Assess Milton’s achievements in the history of English Literature.
Make a critical assessment of Francis Bacon as a writer of essays.