Summary of Hind Swaraj by MK Gandhi

About the MK Gandhi

Gandhi was a prolific writer and the range of topics he covered distinguished him from many others writers.

Summary of Hind Swaraj

Gandhi's Hind Swaraj, also called Indian Home Rules, was written more than a hundred years ago. It captures his ideas about the problems of humanity and his solution to them.


Written in 1909 while he was traveling from London to South African. Gandhi's Hind Swaraj provides an understanding not only for the maharaja's ideas and philosophy on politics but also the man and his thoughts.

Gandhi's ideas of non-violence and passive resistance which have marked the length of the Indian freedom struggle first appear in this very book.

Attempting to reach out to an Indian Audience ranging from the conservative to the radical. Hind Swaraj explains Gandhi's concept of Swaraj or Self rule for the first time.

He puts down his thoughts in the form of dialogue taking place between two characters that he calls 'the reader and the editors. The reader and the common man, while the editor takes the form of the author himself.

Gandhi's unbounded faith in his philosophy can be clearly seen in the book. Published at a critical time in Indian history, the book provided a steady outlook to the freedom fighters, motivating them in thousands.
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