Summary of On a Drop of Dew by Andrew Marvell !!

Summary of On a Drop of Dew by Andrew Marvell !!

I'm trying to make it easier for you to understand, The first part is about our drop of dew line or coming from heaven and lying within a flower. The second part of the poem is about the soul which comes from heaven and resides inside the human body and both of those go back to heaven the soul when the person dies and the drop of dew when the sun shines on the water and the water evaporates and the w is exhaled back into the skies as if the poem says. The third part of the poem is about mana which is a sacred substance mentioned in the Bible and the food that Jews ate when they were wandering in the desert and that's also likened to the drop of dew and the soul.

Now behind this extended comparison is the fact that there is an ideal heaven and a real earth and that even though the earth is real whatever is on earth always wants to go back to its ideal existence which is in heaven.


The Metaphysical poet's are famous for something called metaphysical conceit which means that there is a picture that sets up an analogy between one entity's spiritual qualities and an object in the physical world and sometimes that particular image controls the whole structure of the poem. This particular form is an extended comparison between the soul and a drop of dew and both have fallen from heaven I'm long to return.

Now Metaphysical means over the physical so this is a reference to the ideal heaven and the actual real earth and the fact that manor the soul which is the ideal part of man is caught in between and the soul has an antipathy for the body which is tied to this world onions to return to the ideal heaven so over physical right it doesn't want to be part of the physical world wants to be meta over these ideas are inspired by Platonism. and this is where the Renaissance comes in as we knew that when a stars means rebirth so this poem is an example of a rebirth of these ideals in classicism in the period of the Renaissance. the poem was originally published in Latin and it refers to Platonism that is the idea that all parts of the universe are ordered related and reborn in the verse of the metaphysical poets remember now that the classical world was not a Christian world with some pagan world but still even though these even though these ideas were pagan they are still taken in by some by these very religious poets the physical universe of time and space is only a copy of the spiritual ideal universe which is the true reality that's what Platonism says now with the Renaissance was a period of great discoveries in areas such as Anatomygeography and astronomy but despite this development of new ideas about the order of the universe like Galileo is an example of all the ways of thinking continued to be influential now here we go to the poem itself.

And I really recommend that you read the poem before you read this article and perhapspause the video and take out a bit of atime to read the poor the way that I'vestructured this is that I have takeninto account the three parts of the poemthat the drawing reflected in the secondslide so this is the second part andthis is the third part so this basicallytells of the drop of Jew Orion Jew andit means that it's bright like a pearlfrom the Orient shed from the bosom ofthe morn means it's come from the chestof the morning into a rose a blowing Rose a blowing means blossoming but eventhe width in this beautiful mansion itdoesn't really care for his restingplace because it longs back to the clearregion where it was formed and thencomes a beautiful image here because thelittle drop of dew reflects the worldand is a globe in itself so even thoughit's a tiny drop of of waterit's absolutely perfect like a globe andis like a frames it's native elementmeans it reflects the element that it'sin so the little drop of dew scarestouching where it lies it doesn't reallywant to touch the rose because it gazesback up on the skies just shines with amournful light just wants to go back upand hear a beautiful image like its owntear because so long divided from the sphere and then it grows afraid of itsnew environment because it's afraid ofbeing tainted by the earth or by thelife down on earth it wants to go backtill the warmth sons pity its pain untothe skies exhale it back again.

So this is the first image with where the drop of dew longs to go back to heaven then comes the extended comparison with the soul so the soul that dropped that ray of the clear fountain of eternal day so this comes from the ideal heaven into the human flower right the body but because it remembers where it comes from the ideal world it shuns the sweet leaves and blossoms green so it shuns that the life on earth and longs to go back to heaven so there's a comparison here dark beneath that's earth but bright above that's heaven here disdaining so it doesn't disdains the life on earth they're in love and how loose and easy hands to go it's ready to be drawn back into heaven and bend upward all the time so then it's the last image of the mana which is miraculous food fedto the Jews during the exodus in thedesert so the manna is also white and congealed that means it's solidcongealed on earth but does when the Sunshines on it dissolve and runs into theglories of the almighty Sun and theseare my sources.

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