Critical Appreciation of THE CIRCUS ANIMALS’ DESERTION by William Butler Yeats

William Butler Yeats

           Summary of the poem, The Circus Animals' Desertion the speaker informs that he has been searching vainly for a poetic theme. He has done so for about six weeks but he has not been successful he declares that he will have to write about his heart and being a broken man. It will satisfy him he says, that all through his life he has written using elaborate and ostentatious themes which marched like circus animals. He has written about stilted boy burnished chariot lion and woman and so on he finds himself unable to do anything he can only list his old themes because there is no new one. He recalls that he had written of a sea writer named Noyes and who had traveled through the three enchanted Islands. He confesses that he was writing about poison, he secretly desired earnestly the bosom of his fairy bride. He further recalls that he had written about a play titled Countess Cathleen. She was a pretty crazed woman who had given her soul away. He says that all his thought and love were concentrated on that woman who was compelled to destroy her own soul. The speaker remembers that he had written about coach Alain in his battle with the sea while the fool and the blind man stole the bread, he confesses that even in those moments. He was enchanted by the dream the speaker says that he was fond of the players in the painted stage but not of those things which they symbolized. According to the speaker, those images were complete so they were the piece of masterful art such images took birth in your mind. He wants to know when such images origin acted finally. The speaker gives answers to his own question.
           He says that those complete images are originated from old kettles old bottles a broken can own iron old bones old rags and the raving slut. The speaker says that there is no new theme in his ladder is gone and consequently he must lie down form of the poem. The poem consists of five stanzas the lines follow an ambach pentameter the rhyme scheme is a b a b a b c, see there are three numerical sections of the poem the first section has one stanza. The second section has three stanzas and the third section has one stanza critical analysis. The present poem is believed should be one of the last poems composed by Yeats before he breathed his last on his deathbed he looks back over his bow etic career. He tries to reinterpret his past work in the inspiration which enabled him to write. He is searching for the truth, the poet says that the things got lost with the passage of time when the dream became an illusion. He finds himself like a broken man. He declares that his poetic faculties had left him alone. Yeats name his past bow etiquette Eve Minh circus animals that have been left to parade to show his entire life, he is on the verge of death and he is recalling all those things which happened in his earlier years of life and the sources which inspired him to write Yeats alludes to his vast works by mentioning the names of the characters which he had used in his bones. He describes how he had felt while writing about them. Yeats believes that the masterful imagery can only take birth in bureau mind well he says that it all actually began in the ugly everyday experiences of everyday life through this poem, Yeats seems to be pointing out to the very fact that with the growing age.
           We begin to develop different perspectives about the things which we have already seen in the preceding years of our life. He tells us that he has begun to look at them from a very different angle when the body is tired and old and the mind is not helping the poet he seems to struggle with the themes because the themes which he happened to have used in his young age were inspired by the things and the characters which give different meanings to him. Now he seems to be telling his readers that he has found the truth and it is definitely not the truth which he believed it to be.

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