Critical Appreciation of JOURNEY OF THE MAGI by TS Eliot

TS Eliot

            Eliot's last polling our critical state of Texas yang Journey of the Magi. So you'll know from the deep in some root of 1927 so much lead to a poem compared to prufrock alpha so we looked at and the poem itself is a dramatic monologue taught from the perspective of one of the Magi who are on their journey to witness the birth of Christ so there have many meanings many layers its literal and metaphorical journey from death to life and that first and life contains death, so early has really broken up the poem to three parts a three part journey the first and usually journey to second 1sd arrival and then the third one's a bit more ambiguous exceed during in a way or journey from, so the idea that this spiritual journey continues to happen Canada this quest to find meaning which is you know arduous it's difficult but in the end it's worthwhile because there is a sense of renewal new beliefs sense of fulfillment so it's on the surface, it is just simply that journey of the Magi to find baby Jesus but it serves as a metaphor for the difficult experiences that modern man has to face in order to journey to that spiritual fulfillment naked himself as aware of what he knew often referred to as the void in all human affairs values near the disorder the meaninglessness the fertility. He found that in his own experiences too because this is around the time he was converted to angler Catholicism, these major I'm a giant counters these issues disordered meaningless fertility on his journey but by the aunty leaves and behind and can we see that you death okay so let's get into the actual pole for the first stand up the first line itself actually is an allusion to the sermon. It's quite popular sermons from the bishop Lancelot Andrews on the nativity and that was in a 17th century 1600s, so a cold coming we had of it just the worst time of the year for a journey and such a long journey.

             The waves deep and the weather sharp a very dead of winter and the camel gold saw footed refractory line down the melting snow. There were times we regretted the summer palaces on slopes, the terraces, and the silken girls bring in Sherman then the camel men cursing and grumbling I guess you see a pile over there in the red all of the difficulties of the journey quite negative cold worst long dead gave the camels that I have had enough okay they're fair acting up a bit was quite bleak imagery cancerous snow it's very sharp with us, very tough conditions but also implying that on a journey to experience in meaning and fulfillment. It's expected that you have these hardships and they must be endured so ill it's same abroad that modern man needs to embark on such a journey to fill that void that spiritual fulfillment they're lacking so the Magi reflects back on their past life and can need the summer of their lives and it offers that contrast okay so about that luxury the ease of palaces that some others terror serves as beautiful girls bring in sherbet but really didn't notice your went there. It's you know seemingly sweet but there get along in for something else,  but that doesn't stop there low in for that old life at this point can perhaps a doubt that's feeding on their minds is this journey that we're undertaking worthwhile so the major I must really leave behind not key behind the seductive the materialistic comforts of the world to discover something deeper well I was honest honorable without spelling keys and materialistic well run away in one turn and liquor. It is going to be arduous and that the individual must choose between the easy route of pleasure and the demanding path of virtue and spiritual fulfillment, so the Magi are staying on that path or the others who a week have to succumb to the materialistic things that the world has to offer so they continue to face hardships here with lack of shelter unfriendly hostile city is dirty high prices so you know this journey is really requiring their moral fortitude here to persevere at the end we prefer to travel at night sleeping in factions with the voices singing that is saying that this was all following some of the civil answer with those Philippians matches and insane and truly learning to grab some the doubt that the Not I were experiencing and this is this doubt is what's really preventing them from attaining that meaning, so you know are what they're doing is it is fully or is there a deeper meaning so Sansa - is really the next part to any deer liable. In regards of olfactory imagery and this changing climate from something cold and harsh of shock without a temperate valley how will this changing experience for the Magi I was quite positive compared to the first and ER with this positive images of nature so the vegetation of the running stream really highlights a spiritual pinnacle of their journey again that is the birth of Jesus so at that meeting place and it's a place of possibility it's the place of life and it's a place of fulfillment and three trees on the lower sky.

              There are lots of images here of Jesus's passion and death for even that line and three trees and the low sky and the allusion to the Calvary games foreshadowing the crucifixion of Christ, so you know could be employed in death there is life and vice versa and it is the death of the old self you can see the book of Revelation has that image of the white horse which represent Christ also the Dyson for pieces of silver you know return to the room into a gambling for the cloak of Jesus and they're kicking the empty wine skin again it's from the Bible as Jesus as the new wineskin so really does eventually failed to see these frames or the significance of these signs. They're not quite apparent to them so continue on sir but there was no information and so it continued, so that if they're not there yet and arrived at evening not a moment too soon finding the place it was you may say satisfactory so is to forgive those last couple of lines which are important, also that the images of God through Jesus sacrificed which is you know identified for us for these modern wise men but barely grasp the complete meaning yet okay they lack this information and that last one is often bla bla debatable series is an understatement that you've just seen the birth of Christ immediately described as satisfactory you know but when you think of the theological definition of satisfactory what that entails that idea retirement to make restitution for your pastor on looks like they have this place literally but also spiritually if attain this fulfillment so quite significant there and we actually present juxtaposition of the past and the present which really elucidate this idea of incarnation the spiritual fulfillment as a focal point of Christ's birth and death but also has been a model for all including the Magyar. All this was a long time ago I remember and I will do it again. It was hard and bitter agony for us like death, our deaths I guess a lot happened in those lines quite dense. This was the blue, there a rhetorical question of it asking himself as you reflect on this we would lead all that way for birth or death so initially they thought that yes they'll just go on to witness his birth of Christ however they witnessed the birth of something else and in terms of death or something else so only through death of their old selves but they were born into the spiritual fulfillment so they talk about the birth that they saw that was obvious but he thought that birth and death were different but now that the understanding where he recognizes that the suffering necessary to endure in order to search in your finest resolution is spiritual filament it is intertwined with the idea of death so you need to discover that one is between his birth and dead state in order to be reborn that old self review must die so he's not the same person having returned after witnessing this so we return to our places these kingdoms but no longer is he in the old dispensation with an alien people clutching their Gods I should be glad of another death ok so you've gone back any we have the old soul from here had died so you encountered an experience of spiritual death and you sort of found it somewhat difficult at first to adjust so you didn't feel at ease in his old kingdom in the old dispensation the old way of things we felt disconnected from his people so these alien people clutching their Gods, please move beyond his idol worship of many Gods you know, emphasize over the lowercase me a Norse Gods and here is encountered something else that last line I should be glad of another death so to again find that promise of eternal life till he dies for real he has that eternal life and this whole journey has really been worth the sacrifice thoroughly the imagined have certainly changed you know and of advanced spiritually and hence you know they can no longer reconcile themselves you said that earlier dispensation and the values that issue from that so more broadly I guess Elliot could be suggesting that you know modern men don't quite understand that spirituality is not the reason for death but it's the reason for our distance, so nonetheless you know we know that early appreciate the role of Christianity as you define and the cultural force and it provided an happiness and meaning for these people so as unit of the context I guess because we know at this time his own spiritual journey healed on and you can go to Anglo Catholicism.

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