Saturday, 10 February 2018

Chivalry in Sir Gawain and The Green Knight

Chivalry, as defined by Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Chivalry defined by Oxford Dictionary is a medieval Knightly system with religious moral and social code. It is a combination of qualities expected in an ideal night, particularly courage honor courtesy justice and a readiness to help the weak. In the poems are "Sir Gwaine and the Green Knight", Sir Gawain is the epitome of chivalry.

Chivalry in Sir Gawain and The Green Knight

At the beginning of the story, a magical green gigantic knight on horse challenges King Arthur in the middle of a party. He calls out Arthur and his knights of the round table for their courage and challenges them to a physical feat, of course, nobody believes that he's telling the truth so no one volunteers to accept his challenge but then the Green Knight challenges as their bravery and King Arthur has to respond. King Arthur accepts the challenge and is about to swing his axe at the Green Knight when Gawain decides to intervene Dwayne is using chivalry. He's explaining that he has to protect his king and that means accepting any challenges that his King has to face. So he swings at the Green Knights head instead of his King. Of course, the result is that the Green Knight calls going to find him in a year in a day and to receive his axe blow luckily King Arthur is safe. But Gwaine has to keep his word so he must embark on a quest before he leaves his King bestows upon him. She with the pentangle the Pentangle is the five-pointed star which represents the five qualities that a chivalric knight must display eventually Gwaine comes to the castle of Lord Bertilak.

Now in the code of chivalry when a knight is a guest in somebody else's house. There are certain rules that he has to obey he has to be humble and he has to accept gifts in a very humble way when Burton Lac goes hunting Berta Lac Berta lacks wife Lady Bird lack comes on two Gwaine and tries to seduce him. Now, this is a difficult time for Gwaine because lady Berta lack is beautiful and she makes a very convincing argument. Gwaine has to be very careful he wants to avoid upsetting Lord Berta lack by not sleeping with his wife but he also wants to be careful not to hurt lady Berta lacks feelings. So there's a certain verbal sparring involved that goes on for three days on the third day Gwaine knowing that the next day he has to have his head chopped off by the green knight. He's starting to feel a little bit scared and he's fearing the loss of his own life. Well, it just so happens that lady Berta lack offers Gwaine a scarf not just any scarf but a magical scarf that will protect its wearer from any weapon. Duane who is in an agreement to share everything that he gets with Lord Bertilak decides to keep the scarf a secret and he keeps it for himself this is his moment of weakness ending in an example of poor chivalry.

Of course on New Year's Day, Gawain does finally encounter the Green Knight and he bends down to accept his punishment the first swing Gwaine flinches and he regrets it the second. The second swing the Green Knight stops and Dwayne doesn't flinch and finally on the third swing Gawain is cut on the side of the neck but it is only a glancing blow the lesson is that for keeping his word to Lord Bertilak. He did what he was supposed to do but because he kept the scarf to himself for fear of losing his own life that's why he received the cut. This shows that even though Gwaine is a model of chivalry he is imperfect and is prone to mistakes at the very end the green scarf or sash that lady Berta liked gave to Gwaine proves to become a symbol of his imperfection of his moment of weakness and he wears it from then on as a symbol of pride it's okay to be fearful it's okay to fear for your life it just makes us human but it also shows that chivalry is an unrealistic expectation. I hope you enjoyed my little presentation on chivalry.