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Tribute to Papa by Mamta Kalia

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Tribute to Papa which is written by Mamta Kalia. She was an Indian poet and belonged to both Hindi and English poetry she wrote in both language and she's very popular on an autobiographical poetry. she lives in Allahabad and recognized as a poet and short story writer in Hindi.

 Tribute to Papa is published in 1970 and this poem is a mixture of daughter's defiance of and admiration for her father. In this poem, the poet shows that the daughter's behavior to her father is not only of appreciating or praising it can be about a discussed thing also as an administration of a father is very commonly found in Indian families. Most of the daughter loves more father than the mother because of they a taste to the opposite sexuality. This poem shows a mixture of thoughts there are two opposites thought in shows in this poem, the daughter decided that she will not give her father cause to end his life in despair and at her disgraceful behavior. In this poem, the tone of the poem just shows a rebel daughter because he makes a rebel towards her father. Her father is a traditional father we can say he was a good man he was a very simple man he don't believe in cheat he doesn't believe in anything which is against law so he cannot get a success a grand success and now the daughter wants money and wants the status and want anything which is not given by her father. She said that the goodness is worthless the society needs to own only money we can earn the honor we can earn the fame with the money so there is a life without money it just like a life without the soul. The daughter is a rebel in this poem her law and respect for him will ensure that she does not in jail in despair at her disgraceful behavior. Allow and respect for him although she does not like her father but although she gave respect to him she gave love to him and will ensure it and she is sure her father that she will not do anything she will know or she will not take a step indulge in despair at her disgraceful behavior her father got the same she donned she will not do any type of that work. 

Tribute to Papa by Mamta Kalia

Look at the lines of the poem "who cares for you, Papa" means there is no one who cares about your goodness who cares about your nobleness who cares about your honesty there is no one who cares about you. "Who cares for your clean thoughts, clean words, clean teeth?" there is no person there is no one who has time to see your good thoughts to see your good teeth or see your clean thoughts means in these lines the girl show the revolutionary thought she is is a modern girl and she shows that it good think, clean thought and clean was to teeth and these are the olden thought of the society nowadays only money is important the only opportunity is important only the practical part of life is important. "who wants to be an angel like you?/ who wants it" it is a big Question which is marked by the daughter to her father. She said that why do you become why did you become an angel a good person a gentleman or a person who cares about the loss/law why if we cannot earn money with this goodness what is the motive of this goodness why do we be good if we can earn money more money with the wrong ways, we can more we can earn money with the wrong sideshow a person can maintain a goodness so she makes a rebel and "you are as unsuccessful men Papa" you are an unsuccessful man it is a big taunt on his father by the daughter her daughter said his that you are a loser you cannot make money with goodness so what do we need this goodness why do we need this goodness because this goodness cannot give us the bread cannot give us the room cannot give us the clothes so why do we be here this goodness the gelatinous and all about the good "You are an unsuccessful man Papa Couldn't Wingle a cosy place in the world" you cannot you couldn't make a place for us a better place for us to live in that you are always lived a life of limited dreams. It shows middle-class families thought his her father was a middle-class person and he was very satisfied with his good thoughts his manners his clean words and his clean thoughts his reputation in the society and all these things what is the use of this goodness when we cannot earn anything with this goodness. We find only miserable and the miserable condition by this "You have always lived a life of limited dreams.".  It shows the limited dreams of the middle-class society there are little dreams and they have not many long dreams they only live a simple life they live only a life of a person a life of a person who has unlimited dreams. If a person wants to get the success he should make he should see many dreams to get success these lines shows a despair of a daughter to her father she said that father you are a failure you are in loser because you couldn't earn money with your goodness and with the ways you maintain in your life. "I wish you had guts Papa" this shows that I wish means if you are a fraud you have got guts means cleverness, fraud prodigy, and many other things. The girl wish for her father that his father if her father will be a fraud if he father was a cunning person that is very good for her because they can earn money by these guts and "Smuggle a thousand watches at a stroke" and her father was an expert in any business of export-import but he looks at the loss and her daughter want that if they can smuggle enter without the permission the league's which is entered without the permission of the government if we smuggle 8000 watches at a Stroke at a time we can earn too much money that we have never look back for the money we have no need of the money and "I proudly say my father is an import-export business you know" and I will say that my father is a very important businessman and they work import-export business they do import-export the things I will proudly say to my friends in my society in my friends but you are a loser because you never cheat you don't want to cheat anyone you don't want to make anything which is against law. This shows a despair of daughter so can you see that daughter is good or her father is a duty you can say her father is good but goodness is the cause in the modern society a good person can never make can never make an effort to go for money or can never be a rich person with the goodness. You can see if a person don't equines if a person don't smoke if a person has no bad habits he never can make too many friends for the business because there are many many business mans who have all this type of laxity in their behavior a behavior means if you can drink if you can smoke you find the friends in the society and if you cannot you are you are ignored in the society nobody take attention to you and then I would be proud of you then and if you are a businessman of import-export business and you smuggle the things and make effort to make money with the illegal doings I will proud on that. This shows contrast because he wants that her father would be a cheater if her father would be a cheater it is very surprising thing a daughter is want a daughter is wanting that her father what will be a fraud man or would be a fraud man it is very contrasty behavior of the girl "But you have always wanted to be a moral man/ A sort of an ideal" when you think you can't think of doing anything you want to a model man you want to show the public that a person an innocent person an honest person can make a progress only you want that so you don't do anything which is against the law and you became failure at the point when you can't talk you can't think of doing anything "You start praying/ Spending useless hours at the temple" when he became tired and he became - where he began to pray for God Oh God give me the money Oh God give me the money or make no effort at all because he was an unsuccessful person and when his goodness became the part of his life he does not cheat anyone so it is a very tremendous situation in the poem that the person who was very kind now can't get success in his life because spending useless hour at the temple is spending the time spending the money in that time. "You want me to be like you Papa" and father once that her daughter his daughter also became as well as her father be it is very terrible thing for her she does not like it she wants to be practical she wants to be cheater she wants to be a fraud she wants to be she wants to have guts to do anything for him for her but you have always wanted to be moral men as sort of an ideal when you can't think of doing anything you start praying spending useless hour at the temple this shows the despair of the whole the person and "you want me be like you papa or like Rani Laxmibai"  you want to make me just like Rani Laxmibai you tell me the story you tells me the story of Rani Laxmibai another brave woman and you want that I would be that type of woman but I don't want to be because we cannot earn money we cannot live earning with these ways "You are not sure what greatness is but you want me to be great". you don't know what is the meaning of greatness you don't know what we will do after being great but you force me to be great you want me to be a great means the person want that her daughter also his daughter also became very great as well as he. He is very great it is there is no doubt in it but he is fell in the point of Earth you cannot give very facilities to her daughter and her children his children and "I give two donkey claps for your greatness". This is a very rude language a daughter want to kick her father for their greatness or his greatness it is a very situation a dramatic situation "And three for Rani Laxmi." and I will give you three Donkey claps for Rani Laxmibai because I don't want to be just like Rani Laxmibai. They are the person who lived there before many years on this earth and now there is no use of this goodness in the modern society there are only fraud and cheats and who have guts can make their way to the top. 

"These days I am seriously thinking of this owning you Papa". This line shows the clear rebel of a daughter she wants to disobey her father because she dislikes her father if her father is not practical he was very emotional he was always busy in praying into the temples. She wants that her father became her father becomes will become a practical person so in these days he wants to disobey her father. "You and your sacredness. /What if I start calling you Mr. Kapoor, Lower Division/ Clerk, Account Section?" now he one to call her father with their name with his name he want to call him Mr. Kapoor lower division clerk LDC at account section who is a very good person he was a very humble and gentle who doesn't want to cheat anyone what do I call you with the name why do why can't I call you with the name if you have done nothing good if you damn nothing for them for the children you and your sacredness whatever start calling you. This is a direct address to the father of the girl.

"Everything about your classes with nearly everything about me./you the respect I have I am having a love affair these days." you suspect and now the father became very suspect that is his daughter have an affection or an affair with any boy in these days. You have no craze to ask her you have only suspect on her you have no courage to face the girl what are the use of goodness at that situation but you are too shy to have it confirmed the father is very shy the father is very weak to ask a daughter what is the reality in this sentence. "what if my tummy start showing gradually" means if she becomes pregnant what will it do why don't he confirm it by asking to his daughter that what is the batter. she is very upset with the behavior father now she one to make an example that if she became pregnant in that situation what will he do "I refused to have it curetted" and I refused to make your of it and want to refuse to about it what will he do "but I will be careful papa" but don't don't worry papa I will be careful I am I don't do anything that you get a wrong idea about her and you get a wrong popularity in the society but I am I will be careful papa "or I know you will at once think of suicide" means if I do any wrong if I do any wrong step you will get suicide her love and respect for him will ensure that she does not enjoy in despair at her disgraceful at her disgraceful behavior. Her father will take society her father will society himself if he finds that the girl has an affair with another person or see pregnant it is a very disc disgraceful idea which is given by Mamta Kalia in this poem. The daughter one to said that father don't worry about my wrong ideas because I am not doing anything which is which is against your rules I will be careful and I refused to I know you will make at once think of society you will think about society because you are a good father and you don't want to know that your daughter is going to be pregnant of another person's and without Mary this is a Tribute to Papa by Mamta Kalia.

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