How does American dream apply to Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman and the American Dream: This essay will be useful for anyone studying The Death of a Salesman but most particularly for students of English Literature who are looking at the context of whose reality so before we start I want to pose a couple of questions now the first question is what is the American dream one of the components of that dream or the parts of it how do we define it the next question that I want to you to think about is how does that apply to Arthur Miller's book play Death of a Salesman and the third question is why is that relevant to the first thing I want to talk about is the phrase the American dream. I advise my students actually not to use that phrase certainly not more than once in any essay that they write about this play the reason for that is that it becomes what we call a hackneyed phrase it's used so often and so widely that it doesn't really have much meaning what I want people to do that you just think about what that might be so the American Dream is something that is a phrase that perhaps grew after World War one may be developed after World War 2 when America comes out triumphant now think about the components the economic components American manufacturing on the rise American-made was a great thing Detroit was pumping out cars American Enterprise making money the stock market Wall Street all of those financial and economic considerations part of the American Dream.

The social part of it the belief that anybody could become the next president that everybody was invested in America everybody was a part of it and could buy into the success of this country there's them. I guess a political started to it the sense of entitlement that America owed you maybe you own America but then you were entitled you have right the right to a gun maybe the right to vote the right to a living certainly the right to worked hard and make something of it that was also a part of the American dream. There were sort of individual and personal factors that play here to every single individual could bring that into their heart and into their home they could get appliances they could get a television may be a color television at some point they could have a car they could live in a house have a front yard everyone would be happy the wife would wear an apron maybe the husband would have a job we've all seen these TV shows and these images and these advertisements so the American Dream is about optimism and this is something fantastic about that this also something fundamentally delusional about it not everyone can get to the top of a pyramid that's why it's a pyramid people who believe in the American Dream. The people all over America from rich and poor black and white but maybe more some more than others so when we talk about the American Dream. We talk about personal aggrandizement personal accumulation of wealth whereby people can get more and have more whereby they can work hard they can set up an enterprise and it would be successful if they just believe in it enough and if they just work hard enough it's a belief in the pale that there will be a path now that might seem kind of not an unreasonable thing for many people this American dream. If you transport yourself across the world or across time there are a few times in history where an entire nation of people felt that they would work hard and they would acquire and they would do well and the children would do better than them that they could build something that being an entrepreneur having a business selling things had been commercial was everything so.

death of salesman american dream

I think that's one of the key things when you talk about Death of a Salesman when you're right about Death of a Salesman is to try to extrapolate try to explain what the American dream is and how it's got anything to do with poor Willy Loman and his family well is he being promised what entitlements does he feels he has how come after working so hard he feels he has so little whether or not he has so little as perhaps a matter of interpretation but he certainly feels that he has been betrayed and the thing here is that he internalizes it. He doesn't take this out on a lot of people around him but most particularly himself and that ends with his self-destruction so there are a few ideas about the American Dream. You need to think about what it might be there are lots of films you can see starting with that greed is good Enron the smartest guys in the room lots of films Great Gatsby even about what this dream might be what might be wrong with it and because we're talking about the griot the context issue of whose reality that's a big question you need to put it inside that context so whose reality is this that the American Dream is going to pay off that you are owed that you will be given if you put in your shit fair share you'll be able to take out what you do you.
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