Walking War Robots best robot of 2017

War Robots is an online game or may be best online robots game. There are lots of bots, weapon, and maps. Lets started Top 10 walking war robots best robot 2017.

10. DOC

doc war robots

We are kicking off our Top 10 Walking War Robots best robot of 2017 with an American patriot. Doc is a medium robot with 4 medium hardpoints, used two at a time with the Quickdraw ability with a cooldown time of 15 seconds. Doc is one of the three robots that have a decent amount of fire-power. He can run as a good beacon capture as well. As per the ability cooldown, best-suited weapon for Doc is 4* Taran. you will have 2 Tarans showing at your enemy stand tall anymore. Doc cost 6,000 influence points which is an appropriate prince according to what this robot can do.


patton war robots

Patton is a medium robot with four light hardpoints. Some players really underestimate this guy. In lower tiers, Patton is a great bot. It have an average makes sure no one stays alive in the battlefield. However, in higher tiers, some setups are out-runned by heavy robots but 4* Aphid Patton still stand tall in higher tiers. This robot if used properly can alone bring around +500k damage in one match. Although it's a bit difficult to master aphids but once you do it. When it comes to price, Patton cost just 500k silver which makes him cheapest robots in our top 10 list.


Walking War Robots best robot

First heavy on our list is here. This big guy has 3 heavy hardpoints on his head, which means some serious amount of firepower.Fury is best Walking War Robots best Sniper robot. He is a nightmare for all, specially on long range maps. Equip him with Zeus or Tridents and watch those Reds running away from you. When equipped with 3 Thunder, he can tear apart every robot which come in a range of 200m to him. Although he is more beneficial when used as a  sniper because of its slow speed. You can provide your team the needed sniper support on long range maps which can give your team a great advantage over the enemy team. The only downside he has is its price which is 5000 Golds but trusts me, it is purely worth it.


Walking War Robots best robot

This robot is one of my favorite robots of this game. It has 1 medium and 2 light hardpoints with Phalanx ability. Galahad has a good amount of firepower. He is fast and versatile and can be used as a beacon capturer in the hard times. While being in Phalanx mode his speed decreases a little but the shield makes him stand longer on the battlefield. He can make many robots cry when going for 1v1. Galahad costs 2,500 Golds but the capabilities it has makes him a must buy in this game.


Walking War Robots best robot

This guy once had its own era where Rhino in this game just meant to be death. Rhino has 2 medium and 2 light hardpoints with assault mode as his special ability. While in assault mode it acquires a physical shield and his speed gets doubled and those available weapon spaces make this guy a winner. Every can't  handle Rhino due to its special ability but those who use him don't want to use anything else. His speed can be used to capture beacons and the fire-power he has makes him hold the beacons for the pretty good amount of time. Rhino costs 15,000 workshop points but once you buy him and learn how to use him you will not be disappointed at all.


war robots rogatka

Rogatka is a medium robot and has 2 medium with a cooldown of 7 seconds. It is fast and the jump ability adds some extra speed which means you can now capture more beacons. If you equid something like Orkan on those hardpoints then this robot becomes the biggest means of fun. It can make quick moves which help him dodge enemy weapons while it continues pouring over them. It's his jump ability which actually makes him dangerous. It makes him quick runner and it gets very for rockets user to him. Rogatka costs 2,500 Gold but you will forget that you spent 2,500 Golds on this guy as he will give more than that back for you.


War Robots best robot

This is another one of my personal favorites robot in War Robots. Carnage has 2 heavy hardpoints on his head with a Rage mode ability of cooldown of 20 seconds. This guy has speed and his own personal energy shield. A Thunder Carnage can crush anything which tries to block its path and this is what it is famous for. It can also be used as an alternative to Fury to provide sniper support. Just make sure you don't hit plasma directly and you can turn the battlefield into the ground of dead robots. Its ability makes him look even more dangerous. A player thinks twice before he tries to face this robot. Some even avoid this robot as they don't want to fave this source of death. Carnage costs 13,000 workshop points which means this is one of the best deals available in the game right now.


War Robots best robot

This is my best robot in War Robots. Griffen has 2 medium and 2 light hardpoints with jump ability having a cooldown of 25 seconds. This is a robot with which you brawl, or you snipe it will just blow everything on the battlefield. Players use all Griffen hanger and end up at the top of the scoreboard of the match. There is no such robot which you can't kill with this guy. You can use any weapons on him and you won't be disappointed. The enemy will just wish to slip past from you. It doesn't matter in which tier you are, this guy will never let you down. The biggest advantage of this robot is that it costs 1.7M Silver. This is for sure the best deal available in the game right now.


War Robots best robot

Another knight on our list. Lancelot has 2 medium and 1 heavy hardpoints. Lancelot is just famous for eating robots. It has physical 3 part physical shield on its chest which makes sure that this guy doesn't die without smacking at least one of the reds. Lancelot brings in terror with him which horrifies many enough that they even leave the match as they think that they can't match this big guy's power. Lancelot's rush ability makes him run around the map faster making him a good allrounder. Some even use Ancile with him to make him an immortal robot. Lancelot does cost 5000 Gold but won't you buy something which assures you as the leader of scoreboards?


haechi war robots

Walking War Robots best robot of 2017 is Haechi. Haechi is a medium robot having 3 medium hardpoints, own energy shield and a Dash ability. This robot carries some insane amount of the firepower which is making many players of jealous of Haechi owners. It doesn't take much time to knock down any robots using Haechi. This robot is truly a huge revolution which is making every high tier player to have at least one of him. If you want to push your average damage beyond 1M than all you need is this guy. Its Dash adds up extra speed to him which makes him the best robot available in War Robots right now. Currently, it is available in Chests and Events. But soon it will be available in the stock market.

Final Words

This is my Top 10 Walking War Robots best robot of 2017
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